10 Easy Steps to Share Your Photos to Your Friends with Sharezy

Fri Feb 22 2019 12:19:34 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

10 Easy Steps to Share Your Photos to Your Friends with Sharezy:

It was painful to share the photos of any occasions to (y)our near & dear. Because of the huge size of photo images, it is difficult to share those photos through E-mail. Even some of your relatives or friends might not have E-Mail IDs or Computers. Distributing of CDs / Pen drives is also a painful job.

Forget about these difficulties. Sharezy is offering a nice and easy of way of sharing your Annual day photos / Wedding photos / Birthday Photos / Day-out Photos to your friends and relatives with few easy clicks from your PC or Mobile.

You just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'ADD FILES' to access the Photos to be shared or transferred from your Phone
  3. Select the Photos from your local directory
  4. Click 'UPLOAD'

Photo Sharing1.JPG

  1. Click on 'WhatsApp' icon

Photo Sharing2.JPG

  1. You will be shown WhatsApp screen with 'SEND' option
  2. Click 'SEND'
  3. Select the Contact Persons from the WhatsApp Contacts list
  4. Click '>' button to share the Photos

Photo Sharing.PNG

Isn’t photo sharing so simple and easy now? Moreover, Sharezy requires no registration or sign-up to access all these amazing features. Even there is no limit on number of photos / files and number of persons to share.

Sharezy - making (y)our life easy!


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