Terms of Sharezy Services - Must Read Before Using Sharezy

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Terms of Sharezy Services - Must Read Before Using Sharezy

Welcome to Sharezy!

By using, we assume that you are accepting these Terms of service. If you not are not accepting or agreeing these terms or any part of these terms, you should not use ‘’.

About Sharezy

Sharezy is a smart and secured way of file sharing platform to share your files around the globe. Currently we are offering the services at free of cost to share your files of size up to 1 GB. Uploaded files are stored and available to download on Sharezy’s servers for a limited period of time (currently it is 10 days) and will expire automatically after. In future, we are going to introduce Sharezy Plus (paid version) and Sharezy Corp (Paid version for corporate users) with additional features.

Sharezy is developed by Ivory Innovations Private Ltd. (IIPL), which is located in Hyderabad, India.
Currently Sharezy is free from Registration or Sign up. However, Sharezy Corp, which is going to release for Corporate users, requires Registration or Sing up process for additional security and accessing additional amazing features purpose.


  1. Any file sharing between the Sender and Receiver is treated confidentially.
  2. We will not provide any public search function, catalogue or listing to find the sharing that would be available.
  3. We will not allow anyone to search for anything on the portal.
  4. When you authorize to access the download link / CLI Link, they have access to share it links too.
  5. We assure you that Sharezy will not look into your files sharing, unless this is necessary and in line with our Privacy & Cookie statement.

Content Display

  1. If you use Sharezy, we will show you half-page images or wallpaper ads from advertisers and artists selected by us, if any.
  2. Sharezy allows you to share your files to multiple e-mail addresses per share. Each e-mail is separated by space or comma and sent separately to each mail recipient.
  3. After the expiration date, the file(s) will be deleted permanently. These files will not be available nor retrievable anymore.

File Ownership

  1. Sharezy does not claim any ownership of the file contents shared through Sharezy services.
  2. You affirm, represent, and warrant that you own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to store, share or distribute the file Content.


  1. Sharezy is not liable to you or any third party for any damages arising out of the content shared by you and the use, reuse, or adaptation of background wallpapers chosen independently by you, including but not limited to, copyright protected works and/or trademarks.

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