CLI Download Link in Sharezy - An Awesome Feature for Linux Developers

Wed Feb 20 2019 14:57:32 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

CLI Download Link in Sharezy - An Awesome Feature for Linux Developers

Many of the Software developers work in Linux environment or in Mixed environments (both Linux and Windows). They generally use 3rd party tools to share the files between two environments. However, to use these tools, they might need some setup or installations in Linux machines. If there is any easy way to share the files across mixed environments, that would be a great help to these Developers. Particularly if the Customer is working on Windows and the Developer is on Linux, the file sharing process should be simple and secure.

To address these issues, is providing CLI Download link. Customer who is working on Windows will simply upload the files on Sharezy and just share the download link to the Developers. The Developer will now download the CLI download link and use that directly into Linux environment. No set-up or no installations required at both the ends, thus making the sharing process simple and secure.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Download the CLI Link:

CLI Download Link.PNG

  1. On receiving the Sharezy - Download link URL, Developer open the Download page
  2. Developer clicks on 'CLI Download Link' icon
  3. A command line will be displayed on the page
  4. Developer copy the link and directly uses in Linux environment

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