Sharezy Download Page Updates

Thu Feb 21 2019 09:27:33 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

Download Page Changes on Sharezy:

Based on the feedbacks received from the users of, we have modified the Download page. This update is for incorporating the file type icons for each file to be downloaded on Download page.

Adding File Type Icons on Download Page:

If the sender sends multiple files of different file types, the receiver able to see all the files on Download page. However, it seems some clumsy display in the page and user is not able to identify which file he/she selected latest for download. For this, we have added 'file type icons' for each file based on the file type.

Now, the download page is looking neat and file selection is much easier for the receiver.

Sharezy Download Page Updates.PNG

Thank you for your feedback and the continuous support. Please reach us at for further suggestions.


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