Introducing Preview Option for Photos / Images on Download Page:

Thu May 23 2019 15:47:42 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

Introducing Preview Option for Photos / Images on Download Page:

Sharezy is inspired by your feedback, reviews and ideas. Every day we are working hard to showcase a new and useful feature based on your feedback.

Now, Sharezy is come up with an amazing feature "Preview" to view images / photos on Sharezy Download page. We all take lot of photos from our phones and love to share them to our friends or relatives. It should be easy to share these photos or images. At the same time, it should easy to view these photos before downloading into your devices. To solve this problem, intoducing Preview option on Download page.


Why Preview:

  1. To see the photos/images quickly
  2. To check whether the photo is required to download or not.
  3. To eliminate un-necessary downloads of all photos/images you received
  4. To save and secure the valuable space on your digitial devices

Significant improvements in performance and reliability has been taken care on Uploading as well as Downloading the files/photos/images/videos on

We are passionate about, but at the end of the day, we are more excited about the success of our customers. We hope this new feature helps you to feel Sharezy more simple and secure for using. We love to hear your feedback on


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