Previous History - A New Option Added in

Tue May 28 2019 13:23:59 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

Previous History - A New Option Added in

Sending and Receiving files with Sharezy just became an even more secure and streamlined experience.
In the latest update, Sharezy introducing new feature, 'Previous History' to help you to show your previous uploaded files history.

By allowing you to view the Previous uploaded file records, you can cherry-pick the file records (link) and can re-send it to the recipients again, if required or you can send it to the new recipients which you have to share the same file. This option eliminates uploading the same file(s) again to creat link and thus saving your valuable time.

How to See Previous History:

First time Sharezy users may not see 'Previous History' option from their devices.

Previous History - 1.JPG

If you uploaded any file(s) on from your device, then history of your uploaded files will be created. Next time if you open, then you will see 'Previous History' link at the bottom of the home page.

Previous History - 2.JPG

If you simply click this 'Previous History' hyperlink, you will be shown your uploaded files history in the right pane.

Previous History - 3.JPG

Why Previous History?

  1. Allows you to preserve your uploaded files links
  2. Allows you to re-send the information
  3. Allows you to manage the uploaded files from your device
  4. Eliminates the rework of uploading same file(s) to create the link, thus save the time to the user

I hope this preservation of your information using 'Previous History' option will enable you to manage your data effectively throughout its life cycle.


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