5 Unique Features Introduced in New Version of

Sat Jun 15 2019 17:10:59 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

5 Unique Features Introduced in New Version of

File Sharing and receiving with is just became an even more secure and streamlined experience. The latest release for Sharezy has loaded with many unique and exciting features to help ensure your content is shared only with the people you want to share it with, and in the way you would like them to access it.

5 Unique Features Introduced in New Sharezy:

1. Password Protected:

With this feature, the senders can keep the password for the files being shared. The recipients are able to download the files only when they enter the password. This new feature will ensure the Sender that the files will be shared securely to the target recipients. You can see more details about this feature here: Password Protection in Sharezy - Additional Security Layer to Your Files

2. Download All:

When you are sharing multiple files or images to your friends or relatives, you can easily upload the files/images and share the link to them. However, on receiving the link, the recipients feels difficult to download the files/images one-by-one. This is a time consuming process. The new feature, 'DOWNLOAD ALL' will address this issue.

3. Preview:

'PREVIEW' option provides the Recipients to preview the images before downloading them. This feature allows the user to decide whether that image is really required to download. Thus the recipients manage the images effectively and prudentially save the space. For more details, you can check out this post: Introducing Preview Option for Photos / Images on Download Page

4. Previous History:

Imagine this: You have shared a great creative asset - may be it's presentation, a video or a beautiful images to your friends or colleagues. Due to some reasons, the recipients did not receive the link to download those assets and asked you to re-send the link. If you store the link URL somewhere, then no problem you can re-send, but if you lost the link URL, then again you have to create the link and need to re-send. So, to manage the track of the Sharezy links shared, a new feature called 'PREVIOUS HISTORY' is introduced. For more details about PREVIOUS HISTORY, you can see this post: Previous History - A New Option Added in

5. Scan QR Code:

This 'SCAN QR CODE' feature enables the user to download the files from the web to mobile. This feature extremely helpful to the user to transfer the files/images from web to mobile and then to share through different social media apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, GMail, Instagram etc. You can find full details here: 'Scan QR Code' Option in for Secure and Faster Downloading

Apart from the above features, we have improved the GUI with pleasant images and minimized clicks. We hope you enjoy these new security enhancements to your file sharing experience. Requesting your valuable feedback on these new features at


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