8 Top Security Measurements Being Taken in Sharezy

Sat Feb 23 2019 13:45:54 GMT+0530 (IST), Administrator

8 Top Security Measurements Being Taken in Sharezy

The high-speed internet has created many advantages to us. It made the global to local and keeping the people connected across Universe by sharing the information. However, Security became top priority while sharing the files or information to your friends or colleagues. Sometimes it will be a huge cost for you if the shared information went in the wrong way or to a wrong person.

Sharezy understands the importance of Security to your files being shared. Sharezy providing multiple layers of Security to your files and creating safest and easiest atmosphere.

Sharezy Providing the Following Security Measurements to Your Files:

  1. Providing 256-bit AES encryption for all the files being shared or downloaded from Sharezy
  2. 10 day (customizable) expiration to your files being shared
  3. Encrypted short URL for uploaded files
  4. Providing ability to track the files shared (Premium)
  5. Setting Global controls for files being shared (Corporate)
  6. Integration with AD / LDAP etc. (Corporate)
  7. Allowing to set passwords to the files being shared
  8. Allowing to set expiration dates to the files being shared (Premium)

The list will not end here. Sharezy will be compliance to top highest industry standard security certifications soon.

Sharezy .... securing (y)our life easy!


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